What happened to websleuths

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what happened to websleuths

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. WebSleuths Sucks, Alternatives? Are there any forums where true crime cases are discussed other than Websleuths?

I find their moderating tactics a bit too Nazified for my tastes. There is a case occurring in the news right now where it is rather obvious a family member was involved, so I posted my thoughts and theory about the case.

My post was deleted because the admin says "we do not accuse family members here. It's stupid logic on their part. Is WS a support forum or is it a forum for objectively discussing cases? It seems to me it is more of a support forum. At least this forum allows people to discuss their thoughts on what really happened. The problem is this forum is dead and I would like to know if there are active alternatives to WS.

I left WS a few years ago for much the same reason. Actually, they accuse whomever they damn well please and they let it slide when it suits them. Besides, there are too many people there who swallow conspiracy theories hook, line and sinker for my liking. I prefer porchlight international. It may not be perfect and it may not be exactly what you're looking for, but it's at least friendly.

Find More Posts by crystaldawn. Websleuths seem like a strange group to me.On his Instagram page, hot girls and hot cars alternate between specials for car parts. If it is how they met, one can understand how she might want to keep this aspect of her life under wraps from the fairy tale obsessed Thrive crowd. Like Liked by 1 person.

what happened to websleuths

Also the three against Chris watts was a different Chris watts. Like Like. Carol I did check, I spent several hours checking, which is how and why I stumbled on this charge:. There is also reason to believe her financial situation at the time she lost her first house could have led to credit card impairment and debt related charges. What I tried to explain in this post is that there is early evidence linking her to legal shenanigans in her past, which may or may not mean the early report was accurate.

There are many Chris Wattses with criminal charges, and I went through each one by one. If you feel the work ethic is lacking in terms of my research Carol, feel free to go somewhere else. Like Liked by 2 people. Well said Nick. Your research is always indepth and reliable. Oh dear, Frank Rzucek…. Indeed he looks a bit of a lad. Possibly, quite a wild family. Then she gives a rough sounding guttural chuckle. Bella tried to get away, and when Chris came to rescue her by opening the glass sliding door, Shanann said something and he backed off, leaving Bella to be tormented.

Because I think thats a type of torment, when the child obviously wanted to escape. To me, its bizarre. To me, thats v v weird. Was Shanann subjected to this sort of stuff herself as a child? More from her mother I would think, than her dad. Which is v hard to diagnose of course. Cece was taking Omeprazole, an unusual drug for a child.Websleuths is an internet community that is focused on crime and missing persons.

The privately owned Websleuths LLC maintains a forum for registered users to discuss and classify information related to crimes, trials and unsolved cases, which they try to solve.


Tricia Griffith not to be confused with Progressive's CEO of the same name purchased the site in Some content is available for viewing without registration.

Members have an option to be verified with their credentials with the administrator if they have a specific expertise, such as DNA analysis professionals, law enforcement, or are related to a specific crime in some way. Crimes which have received national attention are always highlighted by Websleuths. The Caylee Anthony murder and trial of her mother drew years of interest and commentary regarding the murder, media attention to the case, and documentation of evidence and information.

In Carl Koppelman, a California man who is a member of Websleuths, believed that he had identified a match between a new image of Tammy Alexanderlong missing from Hernando County, Floridaand a forensic portrait of a young unidentified homicide victim known as Caledonia Jane Doe, found in Livingston County, New York in He notified both Sheriff's offices and the NamUs database administrators. With this lead, police were able to make a DNA match between the victim and her half-sister, confirming her in January as Alexander more than 35 years after her death.

Tricia Griffith hosts a weekly podcast on Blog Talk Radio.

what happened to websleuths

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Messages: Likes Received: Trophy Points: Spyder84Jun 27, Marg from Oz and Legally Bland like this. Messages: 11, Likes Received: 74, Trophy Points: Update in the search for Noah Donohoe. HayLouiseJun 27, Marg from OzLoolooJax49 and 17 others like this. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 18, Trophy Points: Oh no, this is devastating. RosiebonesJun 27, Thank you HayLouise I am absolutely broken. FlurriesjanewallWillow Knight and 11 others like this. His poor family. I wonder where he was found exactly.

FlurriesWillow KnightAnnaGrace and 5 others like this. Oh no, this is dreadful.

what happened to websleuths

His poor mum. FlurriesWillow Knightsongbrd and 9 others like this. Messages: 5, Likes Received: 22, Trophy Points: RIP sweet boy.Colton Harris-Moore is a former fugitive who became a modern-day folk hero.

The "Barefoot Bandit" developed a huge following online, with supporters tracking his movements on social media. Harris-Moore was sentenced in to seven years in prison for a series of crimes he committed barefoot, which began after he escaped from a juvenile halfway house in He was ultimately captured after crash-landing a plane that he stole in Indiana and flew to the Bahamas. In Decemberhe endorsed Donald Trump for president on his personal blog. Harris-Moore was sentenced in to more than six years in prison plus three years of supervised probation after being convicted following a string of crimes that included dozens of thefts and burglaries, the smashing of vehicles and the crash-landings of three stolen airplanes.

His mother died that summer.

What happened in South Sudan?

Harris-Moore said he wanted to cryogenically freeze his mother with the hope that medical advances would allow her to be revived and her lung cancer treated. He later said that he hadn't been able to raise enough money for the procedure.

It blended interviews with animation. The graphic-novel style animated documentary was made by Canadian filmmakers and shot during a six-week shoot in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands. He was moved out of solitary confinement and into the general inmate population at another prison in Washington state, corrections officials confirmed during the summer.

He had spent three weeks in "intensive management," most of which was at the Walla Walla State Penitentiary alongside inmates facing the death penalty. It was for his own protection as a high-profile convict, Washington Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis said. Harris-Moore had been in solitary confinement at Walla Walla since he arrived in April, and he was allowed out of his cell five times per week, for an hour each time.

When he was sentenced in DecemberJudge Vickie Churchill said: "This case is a tragedy in many ways, but it's a triumph of the human spirit in other ways.

She described Harris-Moore's upbringing as a "mind-numbing absence of hope," and believed he was genuinely remorseful and contrite. In a statement provided to Churchill, he said his childhood was one he wouldn't wish on his "darkest enemies.

Still, he said he takes responsibility for the crime spree that brought him international notoriety. I don't think he'd hurt anybody," Key said. Harris-Moore was a skilled outdoorsman who honed his abilities growing up in the woods of Camano Island in Puget Sound about 30 miles north of Seattle. Harris-Moore's mother, Pam Kohler, had said that he had a troubled childhood.

His first conviction, for possession of stolen property, came at age Within a few months of turning 13, he had three more. New Pictures of 'Barefoot Bandit' Movie about his life in production. Frank Miles is a reporter and editor covering geopolitics, military, crime, technology and sports for FoxNews. His email is Frank. Miles foxnews.What did he hate the most about her? What did she hate most about him?

What this question really addresses is not only the family dynamics, or the interpersonal dynamics between the husband and the wife in their marriage, but also just two individuals living under the same roof.

What was Chris Watts like to live with? What are the things that generally agitate people in a marriage, after a length of time together? What things would have specifically chafed at these two particular personalities? To adequately answer these questions we have to know more about who Chris Watts is and was. Skip to ten years later and Chris Watts is in Colorado in a picture-perfect house, with a picture-perfect wife and picture-perfect family.

One has the impression this is what he always wanted — the picture-perfect side of things. This is significance. Both of them came from humble beginnings and both worked their asses off to build what they had by August Firstly, the Scott Peterson case.

Secondly, the particular circumstances of the Watts case. And thirdly, through my personal experience with someone involved in MLM. She hero-worshiped him in public. She idolized him. Scott was part of her idea of a fairy tale. In other words, Laci was more in love with the idea of being in love, than with the actual person. And this idea is mirrored in the fantastic amount of fairy tale but ultimately fake happy snaps associated with the Watts case.

Dirty South Customs = Shan’ann’s Dirty Little Secret?

Chris was working hard. So what was the thing wedging its way between them?

Episode 155: Analyzing the JonBenet Ramsey Case with Jack Luna

In my opinion it was primarily two things. Although it manifested in some ways positively [wanting to better herself, developing a fighting spirit], she may have overcompensated in the sense of becoming a perfectionist and a control freak.

Managing her anxiety about her health ended up becoming managing her world, and everyone in it. How often was that merciless tone used behind closed doors, when the camera was off? In Two Face I explore this aspect in a lot more detail, using another example from her social media to reinforce this impression of an always-on pushy, controlling, oppressive person. Her scheduling alone describes a very anal attitude to time management, a key trait of the perfectionistand OCD.

Some folks on the Websleuths forum have also picked up on the same thing. Chris Watts may have put up with this throughout their six-year marriage, and all things being equal, he may have taken it on the chin, and on both cheeks. Until we have access to the forensic files and financial data, we have to resort to some extent to speculation. What we do know is that as recently as the couple were bankrupt. We also know that their money troubles were still with them in August — they had a date in court with the local homeowners association which proves this.

So even without delving into the debits and credits, we know the Watts finances for reasons unknown were fucked. What were those reasons?Discussion in ' 's Missing ' started by christineJan 16, Log in or Sign up. Messages: 10, Likes Received: Trophy Points: Please continue here. Messages: Likes Received: 12 Trophy Points: All right SnowAngelsJan 17, Messages: Likes Received: 11 Trophy Points: 0.

Technically, Jeff Gannon is still up in the air. GoBuckeyes likes this. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 58 Trophy Points: Isn't there proof that Gannon was alive and well last name Guckert before Johnny was even abducted?

School records and whatnot EJan 17, I hadn't heard that, Mr. I don't think he's Johnny either. But I do find his stipulations of taking a DNA test to be quite odd. I couldn't link you to the direct evidence eliminating Gannon, but I recall reading it somewhere. Maybe someone else has got the evidence. I always thought Gannon's hemming and hawing was just his way of staying in the media's eye. Also, there is the cost of DNA testing.

Was the Johnny Gosch Foundation willing to pay for it? Messages: 97 Likes Received: 4 Trophy Points: 8. I remember reading the same thing Mr. E about Gannon, that there were school records for him after Johnny was abducted. I can't remember where I read about it though.

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