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20+ Awesome Sidebar CSS Menu Examples

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Already have an account? Log in here. Lost your password? Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a new password via email. Build something fancy with our free templates and win a chance to get our Mega-bundle regular license for free. Most small-scale and large-scale business websites usually contain a sidebar.

Including a sidebar on your website can help customers and viewers to easily find what they are looking for. You can use the sidebar section of your website to display crucial information about your business or products. This will help customers to know more about you and your business.

Website sidebars also increase user engagement and ensure a good user experience. If you are planning to include a sidebar on your website, here are a few Bootstrap sidebar examples that are sure to impress you. The creator has also used hover effect in this design. Material Design - Sidebar is one of the simplest and common Bootstrap sidebar designs.

You may have probably seen this type of example on Google Play Store and Account pages. Collapsing Sidebar is a unique and innovative Bootstrap Sidebar design that comes with a vertical scroll bar. When users click on the heading, the group of menus in the sidebar gets automatically collapsed. All you need to do is to simply click on the menu items to know more about them.

React Motion Sidebar design is the best option for the ones who are looking to design a sidebar which can be accessed with just a single click. The collapsible Bootstrap Sidebar design by Troung Tran contains a main heading and simple text. You can click the toggle button to show or hide the sidebar. Triangular Sidebar Menu design is one of the modern and trendiest Bootstrap sidebar examples you will ever see.

This design is an ideal choice if you are looking to make your landing page elegant and interactive. You can find a world map on the design and list of places on the menu. Users who click on a place will be able to see the place on the map. Quick Bootstrap Sidebar design by Olumide Falomo has multiple navigation menus and a heading.

This sidebar design can be easily customized as per user requirements. This modern and trendy Bootstrap Sidebar example design by Tio Jevero is equipped with a vertical scroll bar.

sidebar examples

The design also has a neat hover effect.How long have you been beating your brains on how to make your sidebar more engaging? You must have faced the big problem of dull and boring sidebar designs. In this article, you will find a quick overview of the top sidebar characteristics. Moreover, we are giving you a great collection to fuel your creativity. Components of the sidebar design: Height and weight Color palette Typography Position This list will help us to unscramble everything.

So, the first issue to solve is the sidebar size. This element should be built according to the page content. The sidebar should not be too wide, it is usually about three times less than the main content section. Then, the height: a sidebar is great when it is completely visible above the fold. Though, you might think how it should be for the mobile version? Forget about sidebars on your mobile websitebecause if you divide the iPhone screen into two content columns, users will see nothing.

Adhere to simple color combos, when you design a sidebar. I know, it sounds controversial, because we are trying to make your sidebar more prominent. But think: even if you color a sidebar in red, it will be noticeable, yet it can irritate users.

It is better to make a sidebar in calm tones, but make accents via the images, fonts, and finally the contrast. I would like to say another thing: you can change the whole look of the sidebar if you just pick the right font, and what is more make it slightly bigger than for the main text.

It is the right way to highlight anything you have in this section. Position of the sidebar is usually left or right. We have mentioned already about the Fold concept, which is essential for sidebar position too. Left sidebars gain more attention. It is easy to explain: we read from left to right, so everything on the left falls to our eyes first. Nevertheless, right sidebars seem to be common and they are used more frequently. This may cause users coming from other sites to first look on the right side by force of habit.

Both of these positions have their pros and cons, so you should take into account your target audience, your content and your goal. These factors will help you to make a choice. As for the sidebar contentit goes out of the rules and stereotypes. You can use a sidebar as navigation through your website, as a way to encourage new followers, advertise anything, categorize the web content e.

Mainbars and Sidebars in News Coverage

Storeshowcase recent content, etc.You've probably noticed that when an especially big news story happens, newspapers, and news websites don't just produce one story about it but often many different stories, depending on the magnitude of the event.

A mainbar is the main news story about a big news event. It's the story that includes the main points of the event, and it tends to focus on the hard-news aspects of the story. Those are the things you generally want to include in the mainbar. A sidebar is a story that accompanies the mainbar.

sidebar examples

But instead of including all the main points of the event, the sidebar focuses on one aspect of it. Depending on the magnitude of the news event, the mainbar can be accompanied by just one sidebar or by many. Let's say you're covering a story about the dramatic rescue of a boy who has fallen through the ice of a pond in winter. Your mainbar would include the most "newsy" aspects of the story — how the child fell and was rescued, what his condition is, his name and age and so on.

Or you might write about how the neighborhood where the boy lives comes together to help the family. Or you might do a sidebar on the pond itself - have people fallen through the ice here before?

Were appropriate warning signs posted, or was the pond an accident waiting to happen? Again, mainbars tend to be longer, hard-news oriented stories, while sidebars tend to be shorter and often focus on a more feature-yhuman-interest side of the event. There are exceptions to this rule. A sidebar on the dangers of the pond would be a very hard-news story. But a profile of the rescuer would probably read more like a feature. Newspaper editors like using mainbars and sidebars because for big news events, there's too much information to cram into one article.

It's better to separate the coverage into smaller pieces, rather than having just one endless article. Editors also feel that using mainbars and sidebars is more reader-friendly. Readers who want to get a general sense of what has happened can scan the mainbar.To save this word, you'll need to log in. Sandra Lee. Pimple Popper," 10 Jan. Send us feedback. See more words from the same year Dictionary Entries near sidebar side ax sideband side-band transmission sidebar side-bar keel side-bar rule side beam.

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Simple Sidebar

Save Word. Log In. Definition of sidebar. Keep scrolling for more. First Known Use of sidebarin the meaning defined at sense 2. Learn More about sidebar. Time Traveler for sidebar The first known use of sidebar was in See more words from the same year.

Dictionary Entries near sidebar side ax sideband side-band transmission sidebar side-bar keel side-bar rule side beam See More Nearby Entries. More Definitions for sidebar. Other Words from sidebar sidebar adjective.The sidebars are mostly used to make the accessibility of options and features easier. Whether you are looking for a sidebar navigation menu design or a standard sidebar design to organize the widgets and secondary options, these bootstrap sidebar examples can help you.

The creators of these bootstrap sidebar examples have tried different approaches to make accessibility easier. Some of them use scrollable sidebar design to list multiple items. While some designer uses two-step folding sidebars and animation effects to avoid visual complications. Most of them are functional and can be used on any website and application. Take your time and find the best sidebar that fits your needs.

Steakshop is originally a restaurant website template designed entirely by keeping branding in the mind. The designer has handled the sidebar menu elegantly for easier navigation and to make the restaurant logo visible in all the pages.

Shadow effects are used smartly to give an elevated look to the sidebar. Along with the shadow effect, the designer has also used glowing animation to get user attention easily. To make the letters and icons even more legible you can increase the width of the sidebar. Since it is a bootstrap sidebar design, you can use them in responsive websites.

In this bootstrap sidebar example, you get a minimal spacious sidebar. Though the original design is made for navigation, you can add other elements in it. For example, this sidebar is used in a personal website so you can add a small portfolio widget to curate your audience. The coding structure of this template is properly handled to let the developers easily work with it. Line animation is used for the hover effects to let the user know which option they are going to select.

Overall, this one is a thoughtfully designed sidebar, which you can use for navigation and also for promotions. If you feel like your blog has started to gaining momentum then your next step is to increase the subscribers count. In this sidebar design, the creator has smartly placed the newsletter subscription widget on the side navigation bar.

Since this is a sticky sidebar, the user will see your subscription widget in all the pages. This smart placement will improve the chances of increasing the subscription count. If you are into email marketing, then take a look at our free email template collection list. If you are looking for a stylish sidebar design, this example might get you intrigued. Since this bootstrap sidebar is designed for photography websitesthe creator has added a little bit of artistic touch to the design.

The designer is very precise with the spacing, the sidebar neither too big nor too small.

sidebar examples

Users can easily interact with the menu and navigate to other pages. Since it is a mobile responsive website templateyou get a smart sidebar that works perfectly in both mobile and desktop version.

At the bottom of the sidebar, you have space to add social media profile links. Take a look at our social media icon design collection to spice up the design.In writing, a sidebar is exactly what it sounds like. It is simply a shorter piece of text that accompanies a longer article in a publication such as a magazine or newspaper, often graphically separate but related to the main idea.

How to Create the Side Navigation Bar Using HTML and CSS - Vertical Navigation Bar

A sidebar always appears on the side of an article, hence the name. Whether a sidebar appears on the right side, left side or both sides of a piece is of no consequence. While originally the purview of print media only, today, the sidebar appears in online articles as well, though not as often.

First and foremost, freelance writers need to know that the sidebar complements or—more importantly—supplements and adds value to the article it accompanies. This does not mean that a sidebar is "just filler. What that means is that they may be used to break up long boxes of text that become burdensome for the reader and prevent an even flow of reading. This shows that you've thought through your idea to the end and you've considered all the angles and needs of the reader.

If you're asked to write a sidebar and are unsure exactly what to write about, consider a sidebar that covers a dissenting opinion, offers resources for further information, a true life applicable story, or an expert's viewpoint. Whatever you choose, your sidebar should be relatable to the main body of work, and will often number between and words.

Freelance writers may want to brainstorm potential sidebars asking questions like "What is another, additional perspective?

Don't be stymied if your editor tells you to write a "boxout" or even a "call-out box. By Full Bio Follow Linkedin. She is a freelance marketing and communications consultant. Read The Balance's editorial policies.

Continue Reading.Sidebar navigation has become a standard for responsive design, and many frontend developers are looking for the best approach. Here is a collection of responsive side navs to demonstrate various sidebar implementations including off-canvas, left, right, floating, push where the main content is pushed to the sidesliding and collapsing. This example has a multi-level left side vertical nav, that automatically collapses when screen-width shrinks.

When the sidebar is collapsed, the hamburger menu in the top right displayed only when the sidebar is collapsed can be used to toggle the nav. The sidebar nav position moves to the top on smaller screens tablets, phones, etc. This snippet is a multi-level left side vertical nav, that automatically collapses to a narrow column of icons facebook-style when screen-width shrinks. The hamburger menu that is displayed above the main content area can be used to toggle the nav between narrow and full width.

The side nav pushes the main content area to the right when expanded. If you can't have enough menus, this example shows 2 collapsing sidebars, and a top navbar. The responsive dual collapsing sidebars on both left and right side of main content.

Use the chevron icons to toggle either of the sidebars once collapsed off-canvas. The navbar at the top has 3 links and toggles to a vertical dropdown that overlays the body on smaller screens. This example demonstrates a left sidebar that collapses to a floating overlay right-side menu on smaller screens.

There is also the standard Bootstrap top navbar and hamburger toggle menu enables a vertically collapsed top menu. Similar to the left-to-right overlay example, this snippet demonstrates a left sidebar that switches to a right-side "push" nav at smaller widths.

When the sidebar is toggled to the wider state, it pushes the main content area to the left. This example also includes the responsive Bootstrap top navbar that vertically overlays the content when toggled. Sometimes you'll want to make the sidebar wider on smaller screens.

This can also be adjusted on the most of the other sidebar examples. Since absolute postioning is used in most of the examples, it's a simple matter of changing the percentage width This example shows a fixed width left column for sidebar.

The sidebar scrolls independently of the main content area that is a fluid width a percentage of the page width.

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