Nioh onmyo build

This is a starter Build meant for players just beginning Nioh 2, or for those that are early on in the game and are having trouble. This Build will be updated as I reach higher levels of the game and more equipment becomes available. The Golden Scythe Build uses a combination of Lightning Onmyo Magic and deadly combos and Skills to take down enemies from point blank and at range. Because this Build uses Heavy Armoryou can tank hits and keep on swinging, taking drastically reduced damage while not being interrupted.

nioh onmyo build

The way this Build works is that you usually begin by picking off enemies with your Bow, since you will have increased Bow Damage from the Golden Boy set. Having isolated the tougher Yokai enemy, you will hit it with Lightning Shot Talisman a time or two to set the Electrifed Status Effect. Of these three Magic is the most important in order to maximize both your Switchglaive and Onmyo Magic Damage. Constitution and Skill are secondary, and you can manage these how you desire, but I prefer dumping most points into Constitution since this is a tanky Build and you will be getting hit.

Because you will have a ton of points invested into Magic and Constitution it makes sense to use Weapons that scale off of these. Switchglaive scales off of Magic, Constitution and Skill, so gains the most scaling from this sort of setup, and it has some trick moves that are really cool when executed properly. That means the passive Special Effects might be worse, but if your overall damage is higher you should use it anyway.

Your second slot will be occupied by the Sozasamonji Matsukurago, which are dual swords that belong to the Golden Boy Set, and will count towards it even if in your second slot and not used.

You will be swapping from Low, to Med, to High frequently so you want bonuses that will be effective regardless of Stance.

On these Weapons you just want to focus on things that maximize damage per shot such as Bullseye Bonus, Familiarity Bonus, Ranged Damage, etc. This Armor Set is extremely heavy so you will have limited mobility, and you should learn instead to Block attacks as you will have exceptionally good Toughness allowing you to maintain high levels of Ki while Blocking. You want to aim for all 7 pieces if possible, which includes a Bow and Dual Swords.

This applies to the Armor that you will use until you gain this Armor Set, as well as this Armor Set specifically since it has random bonuses. This means you might want to farm it a bit to get the pieces with the best bonuses. You never really know what you are going to get here, so look for things that increase your damage with Magic if possible, or just take the ones with the best bonuses.

You also want the Running Water Skills since you will sometimes not have time to Ki Pulse properly and Dodging instead if timed correctly will Ki Pulse for you. This should give you 4 Lightning spells total, with a few other ones as well. Incantation Mastery also helps with Onmyo Magic capacity if you need it. On the right-hand side of the tree are Skills that allow you to switch stances at the end of a combo and gain bonuses for doing so.

Once you can equip two Guardian Spirits, consider making this your Secondary and making Usura-Hicho your primary for increased Water Damage if you find yourself using Water spells. For Soul Cores you are better off focusing on ones that increase your Damage and have high attack. I like to use Enki for this reason, and if you can find one with some decent bonuses, all the better. If you can find one that gives you an Anima bonus when attacking Electrified enemies then that would be ideal.

Imagawa will allow you to heal when dealing Lightning Damage, which you will do often with this Build which is great. All of these can work well in this Build, it just depends how you are geared an setup exactly, which tends to change slightly depending on where you are in the game.

Use your Bow to pick off weak enemies, not your Lightning Shot Talisman. Save these Talismans for tougher Yokai in order to set the Electrified Status Effect at range so that you deal increased Damage in melee. You can customize your Skills in the Skill Customization menu by going to the one you want and pressing square.This Build will be updated as I reach higher levels of the game and more equipment becomes available.

The Ice Shaman Build uses a combination of Onmyo Magic spells and the Hatchet Skill Piercing Hurl to debuff enemies and then hit them with Hatchet throws and spells safely from a distance, engaging in Melee only when necessary.

Saturated enemies take even further increased damage, so attacks from you and any party members will deal heavily increased damage, tremendously speeding up fights. This Build also works very well when co oping since you can stay at range, attack with Hatchets and cast Onmyo Magic much more easily helping to keep pressure on the enemy while you remain in a safe position.

Hatchets scale the most from Skill so this one is important, and it increases Rifle damage as well. Courage does the same things to a lesser extent, but also gives you Ki Recovery which is important since you use a lot.

Magic increases Onmyo Magic power and capacity while also boosting Hatchet damage so synergizes nicely. How much of these you want is a bit variable. Piercing Hurl is considered a Melee attack, so Melee Damage will increase its damage and all your melee attacks too. You can increase Piercing Hurl directly by Tempering it onto your Hatchets, and Active Skill Ki Reduction helps to reduce the Ki you spend when using it, which is a lot. Look for bonuses that increase their damage as much as possible since you want one shot, one kill if possible.

You could just as easily pick another element if you want, or use a variety. You want to Saturate enemies quickly to boost all further damage, and you want Extended Elemental Weapon since you use this often. Then you want to focus on passive skills that boost your damage like: Full Moon Kata, Shadow Strike, and others.

The Mystical Arts both boost thrown Hatchet damage, but I like to use Trained Throw since it seems to boost damage more than Tireless Throw more often than not.

Everything else is completely optional. Barrier Talisman is the only other spell you really need because it boosts Ki Recovery by a ton!

This is important as it allows you to toss more Hatchets without stopping. I recommend starting the game with Makamihowever, because it has better bonuses for this Build than Kagewani.

There are 3 Soul Cores I really like for this Build, but you can swap out one of them for Yatsu-no-Kami since it just kicks ass. Maelstrom Oni-bi Water gives me increased Elemental Damage, extra Anima when hitting with an Elemental Attack and allows me to buff my weapon with Water as well as helps Saturates enemies.Want to check what stat scale with what weapon a quick glance? Check out my Nioh 2 Stat Calculator here! The Switchglaive has the ability to transform between three forms when it is folded with quick attack, a Naginata-like weapon in Mid Stance and a big Scythe in High Stance.

The Switchglaive gameplay revolves around the smooth transition between these forms in the attack. The main stat that affects Switchglaive is Magic — which means along the way of mastering this new weapon, you got the power to imbue Magic Element to your weapon! Making Switchglaive a powerful build with Elemental Status. Mastering this Switch mechanic will give your opponent some hard times, as Switch Stance: Retribution can deal a high amount of Ki damage if blocked and pretty high damage if not blocked.

There are a couple of other skills that utilize the O button similar to Sign of the Cross, but this does not have the upgrade of quick sheathing the weapon similar to Dual Sword. This can be used to trap the enemy when they chase you. Other stats is around 10 — 12 — This is mostly to use the armor at early game.

Your goal is to have enough stat to wear the Golden Boy Armor set. In the beginning, you may want to put in 2 — 5 Points to stat like Constitution, Strenght or Stamina to wear the armors. This guy specializes in Lighting and his armor set can carry you till the end game pretty easily on this build.

After finishing the story, I just used whatever I picked up that has higher rarity and damage…. Generally, you can equip any stronger Switchglaive as you progress through the game, but some of them have very good Special Effect that can benefit from this build. There are also several Switchglaive that give you imbue elemental, but mostly you will use Lighting Talisman on this build, so it depends on your liking mostly. However, to wear this without making your character running out of Ki is definitely requires some good chunk of Stamina.

Only at Stamina 15, you can have a good time with it. But at that point, you have yourself a powerful set that enhances your Lighting Omnyo Switchglaive Build. The basic approach for this guy is to close in and perform your Mid Stance combo follow by a High Stance switch — and then repeat. The biggest opening of this boss is when he performs a Forward thrust with his Dual Sword and follows up by a strike. This attack has pretty long wind up animation, so you can run away when he performs the lunge and close in while he finishes the attack.

After cheesing this guy, you will need to get both the Bow and the Dual Sword. We only need this for the bonus! If you picked the Switchglaive for your first playthrough. Your main stat is obviously Magic — which is natural to utilize Onmyo Magic into your play style. Lighting abnormal status slows down the enemy — an effect similar to Sloth and can make your life easier in some fight.

Combine this with Sloth later on and you are guaranteed to have an easier time with all the bosses.

Nioh 2 – OP Switchglaive and Onmyo Magic Build for NG+ (GRIM REAPER)

Lighting is also picked due to the Armor Set Golden Boy — This armor set is pretty easy to get and provide you with many options that are good for new players.There are four core skill trees that just about every character will use: Samurai, Shiftling, Ninja, and Onmyo Magic.

The rest of the weapon-specific skill trees are more down to your personal preference. I often forget to use whatever skills I have equipped in the heat of battle, so lean more towards the permanent buffs on the weapon skill trees. However, for weapons like the axe, tonfa, and hatchets, equipping yourself with proactive skills is important to cover for the weaknesses of your chosen weapon.

For instance, with those three weapon types, there are skills that cover ground or attack more quickly to offset a lack of range. For more on the best weapon types for your playstyle, we have a full guide page, here.

nioh onmyo build

This is low-key the best skill in the game. It comes in low, mid, and high stance varieties and you should pick them all up. Running Water sets off a ki pulse when you dodge an incoming attack at the right time. Why not give yourself buffs while you do it. The mid stance defence buff can save you in a pinch, so this skill is a worthwhile addition. That means I want it to last as long as possible under the circumstances.

Demonic Destruction, Demonic Tenacity, and Demonic Discipline are therefore no-brainers when it comes to picking skills. Discipline lengthens the duration of Yokai Shift in general, while Destruction and Tenacity reduce the penalties for spamming attacks and getting hit carelessly. The Yokai Realm sucks. Without your first skill point, and levelling points you spend on Magic or Dexterity are only good for scaling your Switchglaive or Kusarigama damage.

To acquire your first skill point in Ninjutsu or Onmyo magic you need to use consumable items that drop from enemies or chests. There are two main ways to do this. But the easier way is to spam bombs, talismans, and amulets. In the usable items tab of your inventory, some items are marked with a shuriken or paper icon — these are ninjutsu and onmyo items.

To gain an onmyo skill point early, look for talismans or amulets marked with the paper icon. The regular and enhanced Shrapnel Bombs have great utility. Not only do they deal a decent chip of quite safe damage, but a good connection with the enhanced version will make just about any enemy weak to fire burst into flames. Like in the original Nioh, Quick-change is a revelation.

These scrolls allow you to survive a hit that would normally be lethal. Dropping you in above an enemy for a cheeky downward stab. You have quite a long window between when you first use the scroll and its benefit running out, so you can easily pop one at the start of a fight to have a get-out-of-jail-free card running in the background. Purification helps to reduce the ki of Yokai enemies, leaving them open to staggering and grappling when they use a burst counter attack.

Aquatic and amphibious enemies very much do not like Lightning, where flaming enemies like Ippon-Datara and Wheelmonks are weak to water damage. Rather than a Magic technique, this is a useful buff which extends the reach of your purifications.

I found that this works extremely well with the Shrine Maiden armour set that restores your health on purification. One to consider.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

nioh onmyo build

Nioh: Complete Edition Store Page. Global Achievements. Romeg View Profile View Posts. The game bosses are really hard and very interesting to fight with. You need to learn all its' moves, which attacks to parry and which ones to evade. And only then you will be able to win. Oh, didn't I mention a "confusion" status one with a ying yang symbol? Showing 1 - 15 of 48 comments. Iri View Profile View Posts. That's part of why I hate RPG systems despite liking RPGs aka actual role-playing games with freedom, choices, interesting story lines and so on.

Games like this can't be balanced - and suffer a lot because of it. At least magic problem is solvable by not using magic and other items.

Nioh 2 - Best Stats to focus on and Recommended Builds

Amigo View Profile View Posts. Tried it on higher difficulties than normal? I heard it was much less useful. Sailing View Profile View Posts. At least in damage, it's nothing special. That's not to say your opinion is invalid because you do need to gimp yourself intentionally sometimes if you don't want to feel like you're cheating. Thankfully, we have that option.I have just created the Nioh 2 Stat Calculator! With the quarantine, I am not sure what to do so I have decided to develop a calculator similar to the level up screen.

Select the weapon on the right table — As Nioh Damage scale with your level, this should be input by your choice.

Onmyo Mage 2.0 - Tactical Onmyo Action Seminar / Build

The purpose of this calculator is to give you an overview of Nioh 2 Stat, and show you what weapon pair can be used again each other.

With this, I was able to realize what is some of the best weapon pairs in the game. My first build in Nioh 2 was using mainly the Switchglaive and rely heavily on Onmyo Magic.

With the new Calculator, While there are several stats that scale with multiple weapons. This lead to my current build the Onmyo Hatchets — which does not require you to master the Magic stat, but can, later on, switch to other weapons pretty easily as Skill scales with a wide number of weapons. The most special trait of the Hatchet is the ability to throw the Hatchet in all stances.

Each stances feature a different throwing animation and deal a varying amount of damage. This allows you to perform some primitive strike before the enemy approach. With the right buff, this can deal a pretty devastating amount of damage for the enemy far away. This build uses a light amount Of Magic to utilize the Fire Talisman, Shikigami and the … for a boost on the damage. This build.

While Hatchet specialty is throwing, I find just standing afar and throwing out the Hatchet is a little boring. This build will finish the monster with Lethal Barrage as well as Human opponents with just one swift combo. Lethal Barrage can also be combined with Damage Boost: Skill — which will let you boost the damage of this skill in according to your Skill stat level. For other skill, you will need to get all the throwing upgrades to have a better time with those throwing attacks.

Later on, you will unlock the Dojo missions with the masters and finish this will let you open the Mystic Art for Hatchet. This entirely depends on your playstyle, if you prefer throwing more, then Trained Throw could be a good option.

For this build, we use Tireless Throw to sync with the Lethal Barrage combo. While this may not have much effect on Single Enemy, I find this skill pretty useful when you need to clear out some small mobs while fighting a group. I personally continue with the Hatchets after the Switchglaive build with Onmyo Magic. So trying out the Hatchet is simply investing in some Skill on Dream of the Strong.

But for starter, you will need around 45 — 50 in Skill to increase the damage of the Hatchet and have an optimal experience. You will need some Magic stat to use Onmyo Magic Talisman. This build mostly benefits from Fire Talisman, but you will occasionally need to change to Water As there are several monsters that immune to Fire.

There is a dedicated mission with the Fire theme! The good news is that Magic also increase Hatchet damage — although at the least level compare to other stat. If you pick Hatchets as your weapon to begin the game, investing in Courage is also a good choice. While it is a no brainer to focus on Skill and Courage only you will definitely need some Magic on this build to use those Talisman and Shikigami.

Dream of the Samurai Stat for Hatchets. Check out the Nioh 2 Stat Calculator here! As clan is just an option in Tea House, I will include it in the Stat section. For Hatchet, you can pick one of the following clans.

NOTES — The Charge Attack Boost only increase the damage of Charging forward attack Those with an icon While axe throwing is technically a charging attack, it is not a forward motion charging so it does not benefit from this bonus at all! If you prefer a more technical approach, try out the Takenaka, this clan provides you bonus damage to enemies with abnormal statuses.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Different enemies have different elemental weaknesses and resists, but the main attraction is the elemental Status Effect.

Wind inflicts a powerful attack debuff on enemies, Lightning slows down enemy attacks and movement, Water increases the damage enemies take from physical attacks, Earth increases Ki damage inflicted and Fire causes damage over time. Confusion greatly drops an enemy's defence and makes the enemy stagger from every attack. This trick can be pulled on every boss in the game, and is the number one strategy for boss killing.

Elemental Stop Talismans can be really helpful if you know what you're up against. At Adept level, you can acquire one of the main attractions of the Onmyo Mage path, and that is Talisman: Sloth.

You can also acquire third tier elemental spells, but you'll only get two uses, which means they're not very useful just yet. At Veteran level you can get 3 versions of every Onmyo Magic spell and passive, and you can start making proper use of third tier elemental spells.

A must have for an active Onmyo Mage is an Onmyo Mage Eboshi headpiecewhich dramatically increases your casting speed. This can however cause problems with unlocking Set Bonuses. It's also worth knowing that certain sets provide excellent damage bonuses linked to certain elements.

There are also various Ethereal Grace Set Bonuses that target elemental damage and status effects. It has very little bearing on the overall viability of spells. Why dislike Rejuvenation Talisman? It's a more safe recovery than Oasis. Sure, it doesn't recover HP as quickly, but in a drawn-out fight where you gotta remain mobile, it helps.

Most players don't really need healing anyway, so I don't see why Oasis helps more than Rejuvenation. Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results.

nioh onmyo build

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