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All the weapons can be used by all three classes in the game: Hunter, Warlock and Titan. The trailer also showcased six new Exotic armours coming to the game in the expansion, however, not all armours can be used by all three classes. Aside from a preview of the new items in action, Bungie also detailed the new weapons and armours on its official website.

The Lament acts as a bladed chainsaw and shield. Blocking enemy attacks with The Lament will rev up its blade, letting players shred through shielded enemies.

It shoots Statis projectiles, freezing enemies in place. When charged, its freeze radius increases, freezing more enemies at a time. Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Credit: Bungie. Icefall Mantle is a Statis-charged gauntlet that acts as an overshield, protecting the player wherever they go. Mask Of Bakris serves as the new Hunter helmet, which reimagines the Hunter ability from the first Destiny game. It will now be a dodge override instead of a jump override.

The Warlock helmet, Dawn Chorus, improves the Daybreak super ability. Projectiles deal extra damage and cause enemies to burn upon impact. Melee energy is earned every time a target is damaged by a burn. Melee attacks will corrupt enemies with increasing damage over time. Upon debating a corrupted enemy, the corruption will spread to a nearby target and restore melee energy.

Pre-orders are available now. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. News Gaming News.That being said, Bungie and Microsoft are no strangers to each other, as the companies share a long history of partnership in developing the Halo franchise. Inthe partnership between the companies came to an end as Bungie announced a years-long agreement with Activision, although it lasted for 8 years only, during which Destiny and its sequel were released.


In the studio regained its independence once again, successfully keeping rights for the Destiny trademark. As spotted on Open Corporates via XboxErathe proof was found hinting at a possible Bungie acquisition. It was based on the assumption that a CSC officer attributed to Bungie was somehow related to the studio being purchased.

A CSC officer is not an executive that is being put in charge of a company during the process of an acquisition. It was suggested that Microsoft made a few offers to buy Bungie, but the price was too high. The game is expected to receive a new portion of fresh content soon.

Titled Beyond Lightthe next big update arrives at the beginning of November with a plethora of impressive additions. Players can expect new picturesque environments scattered across the planets and moons of the Solar system. At the same time, the expansion will remove some of the older content to reflect the evolving state of the game.


Perhaps, the recent flow of rumors circulating the Internet was driven by collaboration between Bungie and Microsoft to bring Destiny 2 to Xbox Game Pass. Destiny 2 is seemingly doing great, and while Microsoft is indeed buying development resources left and right, Bungie is probably not on its shortlist. Still, the studio has plans to develop an original new franchise bywhich Microsoft could be interested in. Dmitry Lapunov is a video game writer and journalist based in Minsk, Belarus.

His career started back in in a local newspaper. Since that very time, he's been working with various gaming media outlets covering the hottest topics in the gaming industry. He's now working for Valnet, Inc. By Dmitry Lapunov Oct 02, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Related Topics Game News microsoft bungie.Microsoft has snapped up talented developers like Obsidian and Ninja Theory, but none as large as Bungie which, of course, left Microsoft many years ago after producing the original Halo games before took over.

Bungie then went on to partner with Activision for Destiny and part of Destiny 2 before dramatically declaring their independence. And then….

bungie news

Update : Bungie has since said the report that they were in talks with Microsoft about an acquisition are false, even though Eurogamer also corroborated what the Gamesbeat team was saying.

Original article follows. Bungie would be a monster acquisition for Microsoft, and of course that would raise questions about what exact would happen to Destiny as a franchise if that deal was made.

PlayStation is the largest share of the entire playerbase, after all. In that situation, you could imagine Microsoft just acting as publisher and raking in profit from PlayStation sales, and not taking it off the platform.

And maybe this is part of why this deal has fallen through multiple times. Fans have long suspected that Microsoft and Bungie have been getting pretty chummy lately, like two exes hanging out again after some time apart.

And it also says that Bungie is willing to be un-independent once more if the price is right from a megacorp they want to work with. Would they get more money and more staff to create a large and more ambitious game? Then yes, go for it. Would they be forced to strip support or features or the entire game away from PlayStation? Then no, very bad. This is a BETA experience.

Edit Story. News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet. Recommended For You. Paul Tassi. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet.Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging bypassing the report queue if you select a punishment. Did I scare you? Probably not. Things are feeling a bit spookier than usual. Eva Levante has returned, masks and all! Beyond Light is opening the doors to Europa and renewing your quest for sweet, precious loot!

In case you missed it, check out our Weapons and Gear page on Bungie. Gauntlets that spread poison through hordes of enemies?! I want some! The ability to shift using Mask of Bakris looks pretty sweet for Hunters. In just a little over a month you may find your new favorite Exotic in the wild! Starting November 10, players will start in the same way that most all of us have. All of this will happen before you set foot in the Tower, and our hope is that this refreshed New Light experience will give a much warmer welcome to Guardians as they play Destiny 2 for the first time.

For veteran players out there, this will be a stroll through memory lane. Thirty-three days, to be precise. We have quite a bit to cover between now and then, from sandbox updates to how your various economies are being updated. Armor mods are used to elevate your reload speeds, ability regen, and more to higher levels. In November, some of the mods you commonly use are being tuned. Some mods will be buffed, while others will be removed all together. All of the weapon-oriented armor mods i.

As a result of the above change, all Arc Charged with Light mods now activate their second perk if you have any other Arc mod equipped on the same armor piece, OR if you have any other Arc Charged with Light mod socketed in any other armor piece you are wearing.

Destiny 2: How to Get the TRAVELER'S CHOSEN Exotic Sidearm! - Season of Arrivals

Developer Commentary: Removing the energy type requirements from weapon-focused mods has been a consistent piece of community feedback since Armor 2. However, doing so meant that every mod socket would be displaying three times as many mods at a time, which would become cumbersome. All mods that have an Enhanced version of that mod i.

bungie news

Some mods have moved to different slots to create more competition for mod sockets across armor pieces for example, the Fast Ready mods have moved to the Arms socket. So, to resolve both issues, we decided to raise the floor on the effectiveness of all mods to the point where players were more likely to feel their impact,and to deprecate the two tiers of mods. This should also make having two different mods in the same category say, Hand Cannon Loader and Shotgun Loader socketed at the same time more appealing than it was previously, where players often needed to double-stack the same mod to feel like they are getting any benefit.

In essence, we are making Enhanced mods cheaper and more accessible, and deprecating the lesser mods. Starting in Season 12, the Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, and the upcoming Beyond Light raid armors will now drop with a fifth, dedicated armor mod socket that is exclusively for the mods related to that raid.Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging bypassing the report queue if you select a punishment.

Those words have finality when said aloud. An indirect farewell. Zavala can't quite see Ikora's expression in the muted reflection from his office window, but he can hear the disappointment in her voice. Beyond the glass, the City seems agnostic to the tempest of emotions. Ships soar through the night sky, lights glitter against the dark, the Traveler looms silently. He watches as Ikora's reflection reaches toward him, but he's still surprised when he feels the weight of her hand against his shoulder.

bungie news

Ikora wordlessly squeezes Zavala's shoulder in response before standing beside him at the window. When our Ghosts felt invincible. When we could lay the foundation for the future with our bare hands. The list of names to memorialize gets longer by the day," she says, watching debris slowly orbit the Traveler.

To think that I welcomed him in," Zavala says, turning his back to the window and the Traveler, "only to find out he betrayed the Iron Lords all those years ago. We aren't abandoning anyone now. Most people wouldn't notice, but Zavala has known her for over a century. When their eyes meet, she sees an unvoiced burden on his face that would appear to anyone else as a merely stoic and unflinching expression.

She sits on the corner of his desk, hands folded in her lap. He doesn't answer, but she can tell he agrees. We need that. Everyone does. To everyone," Zavala interrupts. We're facing the end of all things, and I Ikora shakes her head and gives Zavala's shoulder another squeeze.

We forget that sometimes, and instead of embracing our faith in moments like this, we often turn against it out of fear and doubt. When I found my faith diminished, I exiled myself to Io. I questioned everything. Including the Traveler. Ikora gently lifts her hand from his shoulder and searches her old friend's face.

She understands the pain behind his words and recognizes the wave of anger in his eyes as it recedes. She rises from the corner of his desk, walking back to the window. Ikora watches Zavala's reflection in the glass, little more than a dim silhouette with glowing eyes. She smiles softly, and he can see a moment of peace and relief in her expression. A moment of faith.Destiny, Halo, Myth, and Marathon, we've pioneered critically acclaimed games for over 25 years.

Building awesome experiences means we need you at your best, and we're committed to making sure you've got everything you need:. We value a culture of excellence at Bungie. Our open floorplan enables an easy exchange of information and ideas.

There's no such thing as "my boss's office" here. We work in an environment where inspiration flows freely from one desk to the next. Teams whose members feel able to speak their mind and take risks will accomplish things no individual ever could.

Bungie started in in a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago, IL. Over 25 years of industry defining games and awards later, we're now in an 80, square feet studio in Bellevue, WA. We've come a long way, and our goal is still the same. If you love creating the best games like we do, we'd love to have you with us. We Create Worlds that Inspire Friendship. View new openings by team Art Audio 0.

Business Operations 5. Consumer Products 0. Engineering Game Design 8. Braving New Frontiers in the Northwest. Destiny Learn more about the ever expanding world of Destiny. Take a Tour of the Studio.

bungie news

This Week At Bungie Check out the latest news, updates, information straight from the development team at Bungie. Teams are Stronger than Heroes. The Bungie Foundation Help us give back to the community and support the charitable organizations near and dear to our hearts. Bungie's Core Values.Earlier this week, a rumor emerged that Bungie was in talks with Microsoft about a potential acquisition, though the rumor stated that the studio was asking for too much money for the move to be viable.

Now Bungie's CEO is stepping in to set the record straight.

Bungie details new Exotic weapons, armour for ‘Destiny 2: Beyond Light’

The Bungie buyout rumor was kickstarted during a recent GamesBeat podcast in which they cited an inside source stating that talks of a buyout were ongoing. According to the podcast, Microsoft was interested in re-aquiring the Destiny 2 studio, but movement on that goal was slow due to an alleged asking price from Bungie itself being "too high.

When video games analysts Nibellion took to Twitter with a report from the podcast about the potential sale, Parsons responded with a short and simple "This is false. Microsoft acquired Bungie back in and were vital to Halo's success, but the studio separated from Microsoft back in shortly before joining the Activision umbrella. No longer a part of Activision anymore as well, Bungie currently has a hard-earned independence, which could be a motivating factor behind shutting down any rumors that an acquisition is in progress.

Microsoft has been making strong moves in the past two years with acquiring a variety of studios spanning different game specialties. With the re-ignited success of Destiny 2, it's not hard to see where a rumor like this would spark from. Also, to that point, unofficial buyout talks are commonplace, it is possible that the team at GamesBeat misconstrued a more casual conversation as an official deal in-progress.

Join Sign In. Post Tweet Email. Follow Us. Share Facebook Post. Twitter Tweet. Email Email. Comment Comment. This is false. Liana Ruppert. With an arguably unhealthy obsession with Dragon Age and Mass Effect, Liana is wildly passionate about all things in the gaming community.

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