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Amazfit App is a must-have to manage your health data. Through overall analysis to those data, it can help you know your body in all aspects and your physical state at any time. More features are as follows: 1. Health data presentation You can check professional interpretations to the recorded data of physical state anytime, such as steps, sleep, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc. Workout data analysis Display the recorded workout data. You can check the detailed routes and the analysis of multiple workout data.

Smart device management assistant It provides settings of notification management, watch face replacement, and widget sorting for Amazfit smart devices; If you have any suggestions or comments regarding Amazfit App, please submit them in the app. We will take your every feedback seriously and communicate with you honestly. Warm Tips: -Supports Apple Health.

You can sync your health data, such as steps, sleep, heart rate, etc. In this update: -Performance improvements. Recent updates: Updated the page layout to show all of your health data at a glance; Included additional data such as body composition, measurements and health signs for you to manage all aspects of your health; Added My Tools to the home page, providing quick access to corresponding features; Added the Learn More About tab, where you can discover more secrets about your device.

I work midnights and sleep during the day, the device does not register my sleep during these non standard sleep times. Would you please fix this so that I can track my sleep. I did not see that the last firmware update address this previously reported issue.

When I do have the opportunity to sleep during the night hours, the watch records sleep, but when I work midnights and sleep during daylight hours the watch does not record my sleep. Thank you. On another note, after the last software and firmware update, the watch battery consumption increased exponentially. This app is very frustrating to use. It will only connect with my Amazfit Pace watch about one time in every 10 attempts, and frequently loses the connection soon after connecting.

It requires a login and Internet connection in order to connect. When it does work, the map and performance graphs are nice. Beautiful watch which is one of the best in the marketplace! So many wonderful features at a reasonable price! My main problem is the recording of sleep metrics. Example: if I sleep a few hours then go to the bathroom and return to sleep, the app only records my sleep before going to the bathroom!

Other watches, such as Garmin, have more sophisticated software that recognizes this and accurately records the total hours slept! Please correct this problem! Requires iOS App Store Preview. Description Amazfit App is a must-have to manage your health data. Apr 8, Version 4. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size MB. Compatibility Requires iOS Location This app may use your location even when it isn't open, which can decrease battery life.

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amazfit tools ios

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Get the most out of your Amazfit smart bracelet with Amazfit Tools! Set up your own, individual and fully customizable notifications for incoming calls and applications.

Energize your brain during a hard day using the power nap feature, configure custom patterns for each single notification, fine-tune custom content filters and a lot more!

Please help us translate Amazfit Tools into your language by translating some phrases on Thank you! If you have any problem with this application, please contact us on info amazfittools. If you have any queries or doubts regarding the same, you can let us know through comments. We will be glad to resolve your queries. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Skip to content. Download QR-Code. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Analyze your sleep patterns. Light, deep, awake times. All products feature industry-leading battery life. Get notifications for calls, messages and other apps. Optical heart rate sensor to keep track of your beats. As it stands, the Moonbeam is probably the most comfy wearable I've worn, which is saying a lot.

I love that it's GPS-equipped - perfect for distance running. And the media storage keeps me pumped while out and about. Establish healthy habits and achieve your goals towards a more active and healthy lifestyle with Amazfit.

Track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality. Set alarms to wake you gently during light sleep or receive phone call notifications on your band.

Join us on social by using Amazfit and AmazfitChallenge. From health to fitness and lifestyle, we're with you every step of the way.

I've been needing a little push to get me to exercise more, and setting my daily activity goal on my phone keeps me in check with just how active I am throughout the day.

The Arc buzzes when I've reached my daily steps goal of 10, which is always a rewarding experience! Working to motivate you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. Find articles that inspire you to be your BestSelf! Achieve your goals with more comfort, fewer charges, being more informed and with new motivation - we're here to support you! Setup Support Account Cart. GTS A smartwatch for good times. Learn More. T-Rex Get the Ultimate Tough. GTR Classic watch, modern convenience.

Bip Lite Unparalleled battery life. Cor Activity, Notifications, HR. Equator Move In Style. View all products. The App.Robustness and reliability are particularly important for outdoor smartwatches. Amazfit T-Rex passed 12 military grade certifications, ensuring its robustness and resistance to harsh environments. Prolonged exposure is not recommended as it may damage the watch and its components. The Amazfit T-Rex's shape is tough, solid with distinct angles, and brimming with strength.

The strength-enhanced design of the body details and internal structure take into account a sense of both strength and practicality, making it tough from the inside out, and making it a partner you can rely on.

A new circuit design especially developed for Amazfit T-Rex, an advanced low power-consumption chip, and a deep power optimization give the Amazfit T-Rex a longer battery life.

[Amazfit Bip] Install custom Watchfaces on iOS.

Stays with the user over the long haul, allowing you to wear it without worry and never think about charging. The Amazfit T-Rex uses a 1. Moreover, the variety of gorgeous watch faces allows you to fully express your personality. Note: Turning on the all-day display will reduce battery life. You can turn it on and off in the watch settings.

The watch uses a high-end Sony GPS chip and built-in highly precise dual-satellite positioning system. We have also optimized the watch body materials and internal layout, and even highly optimized signal reception to account for interference from the arm while wearing.

Signal efficiency has been significantly increased, making satellite search faster and positioning more accurate, meeting your positioning needs among both urban jungles and canyon wilderness.

To ensure the best experience while wearing, wipe the watch dry as soon as possible after exposure to water. You can wear it while swimming in pools and open water to meet the diverse needs of athletes. The watch also monitors data such as exercise heart rate and exercise duration statistics, making your workouts safer and more efficient.

The watch also issues reminders to stand up, which encourage you to develop healthy habits and become your best self. The Amazfit T-Rex has a wealth of smart functions, including weather forecast, event reminders, call reminders, app notifications, and more, offering a variety of practical tools to facilitate your daily work and life. Daily use mode: 20 days Heart rate monitoring always on, sleep monitoring; GPS turned on for 13 minutes a day, messages pushed daily which activate screen, wrist raised 30 times which activate screen, 5 minutes of other operations.

Basic watch mode: 66 days Bluetooth connection to phone turned off, heart rate monitoring and other functions, screen activated by wrist tilt times a day.

Tools & Amazfit Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

The product images and screen contents on the pages above are for the purpose of illustration only.That first encounter led me to wear and use the Amazfit GTS for much longer, to see if it could elevate itself beyond being a cheap, cheerful, Apple Watch clone. In other words, the software would make-or-break the Amazfit GTS. The GTS is a pleasant surprise. Amazfit has not been subtle about its design choices, but has opted for a single crown on the right of the body to avoid potential lawsuits.

The metal body is really slim — slimmer than the Apple Watch Series 5 — and the metal itself has been given a wonderful tactile texture. A company representative told me this was to make the watch feel even more premium, and it works. The case back is made of plastic and houses a heart rate sensor.

The straps measure 20mm, and are a little small on bigger wrists. Amazfit has several colors, with the black-on-black model looking stealthily cool, and the red silicone strap standing out as the best alternative. The GTS is comfortable to wear. Wearing it while sleeping is no issue, and as the watch has sleep tracking, it can be worth doing. Some of the more modern, quirky styles look better. An always-on display is an option, and the time, step count, day, and date are all shown.

A raise-to-wake feature activates the main screen quickly and effectively. Wearing the Amazfit GTS as a watch — a device that tells the time — is a great experience. While the Amazfit GTS looks great and works as a watch, its operating system is not without flaws. First, the setup is such a mixed bag. Initial setup is easy. It worked perfectly with an Android phone and an iPhone 11 Pro. However, several hours of updates followed. Downloads took ages, and transferring to the watch was so slow I thought several times that it had given up.

Even swapping watch faces can take 30 seconds, so the pain continues when you customize the watch. Learning how to use the software is a different story. Starting a workout is easy, but finishing it is less so.

Instead, you have to long press the crown itself to pause, then end the workout. Notifications never worked well.Well, you cannot do anything about calls and messages. But, what you can do is change the watch face, enable smileys, remap the single button to trigger the camera, control music, etc. Plus the more you dig in it, the more you discover. So, after a couple of weeks of usage, I found out some great tips and tricks which overcome these restrictions and moreover take the usability to another level.

Amazfit Bip Review: As Good as Everyone Says?

Amazfit Bip has great sunlight legibility. Whether you are outdoors, playing on the field or inside your office, the display is on point. Additionally, you also get notifications on the watch. The only downside is, it cannot display smileys or emoticons. Now you do that by installing custom firmware which is the hard way around. But I took a slightly different approach.

I used GadgetBridge which is a free open-source alternative for the Mi-Fit app. Now, just open the Files app and navigate to the font-file. Gadgetbridge will offer to install the font on the device and this would keep your firmware intact and still do the job. This is a neat workaround and below is how the smileys look like. The Mi-Fit app allows you to set up notifications for every third-party app. It lets you filter out notifications based on text.

Download Alert Bridge. The Amazfit Bip has a lot of inbuilt watch faces that fairly look good. But, in case you want a change you can always fall back to third-party apps. Xiaomi has given the option to upload third-party watch faces in the Mi-Fit app. There are a number of watch face apps for the Bip. In case you have made your own watch face or downloaded one from the Internet, you need to apply it manually on the watch.

Courtesy to the single crown button on the Amazfit Bip, you can use it to click pictures. However, this option is not provided within the Mi-Fit app. This lets you map the single button to be used as Remote Camera Shutter. For a detailed how-to guide, read our detailed article on how to set up your Amazfit as a remote camera button.

Another awesome utilization of the crown button is a music player controller. It works for all the music player apps as well as the YouTube app. If you swipe down, you get the DND Mode toggle. If you swipe up, you have the uncleared notifications. The single click on the crown works as the back button or you can alternatively swipe right to go back to the menu.

Now, most of these actions can be customized in the Mi-Fit App. You can modify the right swipe action to either show Weather or AliPay. By default, when you long-press the button, it starts Outdoor running activity which should do good for most of us.Editor's note, June An Amazfit Bip Lite and the second-gen Bip 2 are reportedly due out this yearthough it's unclear which features those devices will offer — and at what prices. With its Apple Watch-inspired design, the Bip is fairly attractive for the price and a pleasure to wear.

Its soft silicone band fits both beefy and petite wrists superlatively. The display is reminiscent of that of the Pebblein that its 1. The crown has a satisfying tactile feel and sound. But don't let the watch's featherweight fool you; its polycarbonate, matte-plastic build and 2. Plus, the watch has an IP68 water and dust rating, which means it's protected from dust and can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes.

The case is so lightweight that the watch almost feels like a toy, but its polycarbonate body and 2. The Bip comes in four colors: black, gray, green and orange. While hardly a dress watch, the Bip's black model easily integrates with dressier outfits. Mostly, I consider it a fun, useful everyday sporty watch.

The strap is a standard 20 millimeters, so you can swap it out for different bands. During the day, I liked to brighten the face backlight to its fullest and then lower it to the dimmest setting at bedtime; there's no auto brightness. But if you enable the raise-to-wake feature in the settings, you can illuminate the face with just a flick of the wrist. Mi Fit syncs with the watch, takes control of tracking and record keeping, and even links to the Apple Health app.

Unlike the Fitbit Versa or the Apple Watch, however, the Bip has no app store and few compatible third-party apps. The Bip's interface is pure simplicity. First, you click the crown to unlock the watch.

amazfit tools ios

Starting with the main face, you just keep swiping to the left for the major operations, tapping the one you want for more details. Swiping up on the main face lets you access your email, calls and messages.

You can read each email on the watch but not respond and decide how to dispose of the message. Swiping down lets you toggle a "do not disturb" mode that disables notifications.

The Status pane lets you access current stats for steps, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned, and see whether you've been sitting on your butt too long.

amazfit tools ios

The Weather pane gives you current conditions, and swiping up reveals the five-day forecast. The watch also integrates Alipay, the China-based third-party mobile payment platform. You just keep swiping to the left for the major operations, tapping the one you want for more details.

You can set alerts for milestones like distance or have the watch alert you if your pace is too fast or too slow. And by long-pressing the watch crown, you can set the watch to quickly access your most used activities. The watch has a haptic sensor that vibrates when a message comes in, but it is very subtle, so as not to disturb your sleep.

The strength of the vibration is not adjustable, but it suited me just fine. My watch automatically, and without prompting, paired with my iPhone via Bluetooth, but you have to keep your watch within about 30 feet of your phone to main the connection.

The Mi Fit app is essentially a phone-based sports app that measures outdoor activities like running, cycling, walking and treadmill. Mi Fit syncs and stores location, steps, distance and other information your watch gathers.

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